Get ready to smoking forever hypnosis session

Welcome to your hypnosis session here Whitney in my therapy or by being here you are agreeing to be


And I wonder if you go into a light medium or deep hypnotic trance.

So are you ready to be hypnotized


Making sure you will not be disturbed.

Finding yourself a comfortable position that you can really relax and enjoy this experience.

And when you’re getting just allow your eyes to close and as you close your eyes just relax the tiny

muscles that walk.

Those are the relax all those tiny muscles that work goes on it’s only when you’re sure that you’re

relaxed those tiny muscles and not in those I mean it’s

so much so that if you wanted to open those eyelids knowing you can open those highlights but somehow

it doesn’t really matter.

Each time you read the just allow yourself to go deeper and deeper and as you read our

deeper and deeper and you know you’re going deeper and deeper and you feel yourself going more and more

into a nice comfortable hypnotic state.

I would like you to be aware of other sensations in your body.

Notice how your shoulders feel at this moment

and as you notice how your shoulders feel just feel the muscles rely more comfortably.

I don’t know if they were relaxed more in the left side of your body or the right side of your body.

Or will they relax equally.

Just notice how they relax.

Deeper and deeper the muscles in your shoulders and the muscles in your shoulders like so that beautiful

comfort and relaxation can spread that trigger each time you breathe in that comfortable relaxed feeling

can spread trigger as you will.

And as you go deeper and deeper each time you breathe as you breathe.

So that comfortable relaxed feeling can spread

fear to your elbows down to your wrists maybe.

I don’t know whether at this moment it would be more comfortable in your left or your right there but

you can just stop yourself.

Or maybe it’s fairly equal

maybe you might even lose the sensation in one.

Are both halves at this moment.

As part of the hypnotic experience

or maybe you will feel even more sensations than another

it would be very interesting for you to discover that for yourself as those are

more and more comfortably as you Bridie just be aware of those times

at this moment as the conference spreads down your I don’t know what your arms feel lighter or heavier

than normal order or whether one feels like the other one feels heavier than the other.

You can just discover that for yourself in whatever way your unconscious mind wants it to happen.

One can feel different or the same.

It doesn’t really matter just be aware of those sensations whatever they are as they get more and more


Sometimes people feel a sensation of having us in their eyes and they also feel a sense of happiness

in their body.

And sometimes people feel like sensation in their eyes like sensations in their body.

You might even get one feeling in her arms and a different feeling in her body.

So just be aware of whatever your experience is now as you breathe and as you continue to see the deeper

each time you breathe.

That’s right.

The same likes being sprats from your shoulders.

I can spread down through your back just that to spread that fear back.

Yeah that’s it.

All the way down to your back to the muscles in her back.

Down to the shoulder blade there you are back to your waist down through your chest.

At the same time down into your stomach muscles just relaxing deeper and deeper as those muscles in

your back in your chest and stomach any day.

And so you can go deeper and deeper into a nice altered state and feel comfortable and you can really


That’s right.

As you breathe so the muscles can look like they are.

And they

said and somehow you breathe in that wonderful for feeling having that wonderful free feeling from all

that in the same way.

And you couldn’t be in a special place and you know there is another part of you listening to my voice

just feel those muscles relaxing and I wonder when that feeling sprang down through your legs.

It was just having that cover that comfortable feeling to spread through your leg all the way down to

your toes.

And I don’t know as the code for it spreads to your shoulders your back and as you go deeper and deeper.

Into the chest and stomach as you go deeper and deeper through your legs whether the same cold can spread

to the back of your neck the front of your neck into your face into your head maybe the neck muscles

can start to relax more and more.

That’s right.

Maybe the head feels a little heavier or a little lighter at this moment.

But you notice how the muscles just relax.

Has the comforts Berhad down to your feet.

Just be aware of that and that’s it all happening by itself

as you experience that.

And as you’re aware of that you can go deeper and deeper into trance but don’t go all the way into a

nice comfortable day hypnotic state until all that come for just spread all over the top of your head

all the way over the top of your head and your whole body just feels so comfortable and it’s so comfortable

and relax.

Would go all the way down into a deep trance until you feel that comfort go all the way

over the top of your head all the way through your body and you really know when that is happening.

Because as that happens you will discover your mind wandering you will discover your mind wandering

to some other place.

So you may not be listening to my voice anymore.

You can just let your mind one or some other place to some other place where you can make things a new


You can make dreams come true.

In this new place you have me thinking about things you’ve been thinking about doing or maybe you never

thought about can become a reality.

And as you become aware of that place and the sound of my voice kind of stays with you.

You don’t have to listen to the words because your own conscience can listen for you during this special


Your body is self healing processes can work more efficiently and much faster than usual faster even

than during sleep.

These processes work more powerfully energizing your entire body and allowing you to enjoy a sense of

real comfort and this sense of comfort becomes your inner strength.

So it allows you to be fitter and healthier in every way.

During this special relaxation your whole body system works more slowly more easily than any other time

allowing your body’s natural rejuvenating processes to work more effectively than ever.

Each fiber each time he’s being checked repaired replaced where necessary each and every organ in your

body so you can start to feel good about yourself and within yourself.

Developing an inner strength.

Any other kind that becomes deeper and more profound each time you experience hypnosis within their

channel in the body you’re in there’s just resting and relaxing resting relaxing.

Becoming stronger and steadier with each and every passing day.

And because of this as each day goes by you’ll find yourself becoming steadily more and more confident

with yourself more confident that you will soon be able to quit smoking habit for good.

More confident that you will complete the task that you are now starting so confidently and you will

be pleased to discover that this cabinets have confidence in your ability to quit smoking habit just

built up inside you so that you feel more motivated that you can begin to take a huge amount of pride

in the way that you are already beginning to prepare your mind and your body for the time when you become

a natural nonsmoker and you are already looming forward helping your mind to heal your body by becoming

a natural nonsmoker because deep inside you in the part of you that knows just what to do and just how

to do it you know and understand you can complete this task perfectly.

Just take it easily in your stride.

You’ll find this camp confidence just builds up inside you and because of this all the things that used

to upset you are going to just leave you and relax

and the more you could previously be upset the more those things are now going to simply happen and

relax you so that all the things that used to be difficult for you to deal with are going to be so easy

to you from now that you’ll find yourself wondering if they ever were a problem in the first place.

Find yourself being an inspiration to others and that feels good but always feels good within each day

that passes and you become steadily more and more aware that you are now your own master the equal of

any other that nobody controls you anymore.

And because of this you will quit smoking habit easily and effortlessly.

They suggest how easily you take charge of the situation.

Just how easily you illustrate to those that know you just how much you can take control of your mind.

Take control of your body and very soon you will be able to actually the new health and energy surging

through your body as you have that amazing self-healing part of your system to do its job perfectly

and you discover for yourself to be more confident to be poised.

Selfish here as you begin to be aware of a new way of being a healthy energetic new way of being your

mind and body in perfect harmony to let you quit that smoking habit so easily and completely that you’ll

wonder if it was ever really a problem in the first place.

And you know beyond a doubt that you’ve quit smoking and you’ve quit smoking habit for good and then

you’ll find yourself concentrating easily improving so that you can really bring your mind to bear on

anything you want to.

Finding it so easy to simply dismiss negative attitudes and thoughts about yourself.

Thinking about the things you can do the things you will do because you want to think about the things

you actually want to happen and the way you actually want to be.

Even at this very moment.

Finding a little surge of excitement at the idea you are very soon very very soon to become a natural

nonsmoker and then you’re going to discover a whole new respect for yourself a whole new sense of pride

in your personality in your whole being and if not new respect that new Pride is going to continue to

grow every day for the rest of your life.

So when you’re ready to speak all the energy back into your body just bring all the energy back into

your body and bring yourself back to full awareness.

Being excellent in your own way in your own time.

Ready for those new changes to happen before those eyes open or has stars eyes up in your own way in

your own time.

Welcome back.

Feeling good remembering to let me know how well you did.

By leaving Earth you.

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