My success story is in football: You can do it too!

I’m really excited that you’re joining me today and I’m excited to tell you guys about how I go fromamateur to pro football and 24 months.And today I’m going to give you five steps on how you can do it too.Story about to tell you is true.


None of this is made up.You can google this.None of this is exaggerated.Look these are all true events that occurred.So it really happened.Let’s just get right into it.So this is me little nick.Just playing for fun.I was born in Canberra Australia and camera is the capital city of Australia but we have a populationof around 300000 people.It was a cool place to grow up.It was quiet and it was a nice life in the suburbs.I started playing when I was eight years old almost nine.Actually I was playing a bit of tennis before that so I didn’t stop playing early some start at the

age of four that just wasn’t me not actually playing.

I was actually playing goalkeeper a few times my first season.

But yeah I just really remember that I love to play soccer and then the seasons growing up.

You had Division One.

Division 2 Division 3 and Division 1 being the best division 3 being the worst.

And I had some early promise in my next season where I joined the Division 1 team.

In my my club then I dropped right back down to Division 2.

And that hurt because I thought I was good enough and some people thought I wasn’t.

And I just remember crying and being upset that I didn’t make the division one team and to give you

some perspective here is a pyramid of the level that I was playing at in my under-12 season.

So you see there I was in Division 2 and already in the small city of Kamba there were at least 100

players that were supposedly better than me.

And that’s just in my age group and that’s just in-camera.

So if you look at this map you’ll see that there is camera in the little yellow section in New South


It’s just that little tiny place.

And personally I really love watching and playing football but that was it.

I was just an average player that grew up playing for the local teams in my neighborhood and at school

every lunchtime.

Many kids dream of playing professionally in Europe but the thought of doing that never really crossed

my mind.

I had no reason to believe I could.

People were telling me I’m not good enough.

Millions across the world were better than me.

It’s as simple as that.

Then things changed.

And at age 15 my dad got a job over in Budapest Hungary and he said Son we’re moving to the other side

of the world.

So that’s what we did we moved to the other side of the world to Budapest Hungary which is in Central

Europe and wow I got to see my beloved team Chelsea play at Stamford Bridge for the first time which

this fall obviously does not show how excited I was at the time and it was just really awesome to live

there and gain a new perspective on things.

And I joined a team effort for the children of foreigners living in Hungary and I started playing with

some good players and enjoying it more.

And something happened one day and it kind of changed my life.

And at some point when I was 16 I came across this book and it’s called the magic of thinking big.

And the book sparked something inside me something really powerful.

The book teaches you basically how to make the impossible possible.

And I started imagining things which I don’t and I don’t think I ever thought about prior to that I

started dreaming about becoming a professional player.

And living in Europe I got exposed to just how much football is a part of the lifestyle and pretty much

every European country.

Soccer is the number one sport it lives and breathes in Europe.

And I started and managed imagining walking out of the tunnel to a packed stadium and I started watching

more games and getting inspired by the special atmospheres and stadiums and coming.

There’s one thing I had in my mind coming into the dressing room every day with all your kit washed

and prepared for you and you’re there you’re there every day playing with what I like your friends your

close friends and I felt like Toby awesome experience and things like coming in to train and having

your boots there to choose from and you know growing up in Australia we had drought.

So I played on crappy dirt fields with big holes in them and I thought like playing on immaculate pitches

with the best balls little things like that.

And then I had this moment.

I had this moment and I had this epiphany moment I can become a professional footballer.

I believe I can move mountains.

I can do this.

So I started a website about the aim of our website was to use it as a kind of training diary and keep

myself something to keep myself accountable.

And my first post which was entitled I can make it and I said Just lately I’ve realized that I can make

it I just need to believe that I will succeed.

I need to dream big to achieve my goal.

So I need I know I will need to work hard in order to reach my dream.

And when the time comes that I walk up the tunnel see my eyes open to tens of thousands of fans.

Only then I will know that I’ve reached that dream.

But there’s a long ways to go before that I’m not even playing for a team or probably youth academy.

I can’t let myself fail.

I know I can be better than those around me that have made pro practice motivation concentration will

be my keys to success and I should remind you that Nic back then had limited ability.

No connections.

Millions upon millions of kids better than him with tens of thousands already playing at youth academies

friends and family occasionally myself thinking he was absolutely crazy to think he could become a professional


But most importantly above all desire and belief and I thought this is what I find so exciting football


I felt like I felt like a young motivated and I feel like I felt like I had nothing to lose.

So the next thing I did start training more.

And you can see here.

Here were my first few training schedules and these are real screen shots by the way that I posted on

my blog.

I would make up drills and exercises to do and I didn’t really know what I was doing but I was motivated

enough to research and find good drills to do a lot of the time I just end up shooting at the goal.

But I felt a bit of improvement and sometimes I post inspiring and educational videos that I found for

example that one was with Will Smith were talking about success and kind of what it takes to become

successful and how hard work beats talent.

And at this point I started contacting clubs.

So I began sending dozens of emails to professional teams because to get to a high level you need connections.

But I just wanted to actually test myself so I decided to email dozens of professional clubs in England

and I got like one response and I got one reply from AFC Wimbledon based in London which back then were

in the fifth year of English soccer.

And the coach Mark the senior academy manager he said I could train with them.

So I flew over to England for my first ever kind of professional trial back then semiprofessional trial.

I trained with their under-17 and after three sessions I was told I wasn’t good enough.

Also I wasn’t good enough but I pushed that experience on my shoulders.

I went back kept training with the goal of improving and the overall wrap up from the coach was this.

He said I wasn’t exceptional.

I was there with the Sandras players but not in the high standard bracket.

I need to be strong physically use the inside foot more for stuff like that so from what he gave to

me I could then put up strengths and weaknesses I could put up a list of strengths and weaknesses that

I could now work on in training.

And then I felt like OK I need to step it up.

I need to step it up now.

So I came across this book and I was called Outliers after my experience and then I came across this

book called Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.

And in this book he says that it takes roughly ten thousand hours.

That’s right ten thousand hours of practice to achieve mastery in a field.

So if you want to become a successful football player a a world class chess player a music prodigy it

takes 10000 hours.

That’s a scientific kind of research that he did.

So after reading that line I literally double triple my training schedule.

So that was training at least 20 hours per week twenty hours a week.

You can see the 10000 hour rule there.

And at least 12 of those hours every week were spent down at my local field with just my boots and my

ball in the snow and the wind in the rain.

Sunshine didn’t matter.

I would go out in a set to complete these 20 hours every single week if I didn’t.

I’ll punish myself with more hours.

So took some really hard self-discipline.

I remember one week cousin summer holidays with my family in France.

I was lazy the week before so I forced myself to do 40 hours of training that week myself and most of

it done on this old basketball court in the resort and around the corner from from the beach and beautiful


But I was motivated and I was always ready to make that sacrifice.

And you can see a picture here of my backyard my garden and the kind of equipment that I bought.

I just want to train more and I just wanted to get better.

That was my goal.

And so over the next few months I kept looking for trials because I wasn’t playing many games in my

team because it was winter I think and sometimes we didn’t have enough players to play games.

So I felt like I needed a test every now and then just to see where I was at and to get feedback on

the strengths and weaknesses that I was working them.

So I found this website called football CV where I did open trials where scouts would supposedly watch

and pick out how to get discretional tryouts.

That’s some good success stories and it looked like an interesting kind of place where I could maybe

get the opportunity.

But for the next part it really tested me.

It really tested me.

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