Tax Collected at source by E-commerce Operator

In this market in this case I’m a tax collector it’s for the people who we’re liable to collect taxes

and work on the compliances the GST act as we saw in the previous Mordieu maybe because the e-commerce

operators all the operators are bidding to online that phone are required to collect taxes.

So the need for collecting taxes is 1 percent of the amount paid.

Or people that has applied for the sale of goods or services.

This amount of tedious is to be collected at the time of Gleneagles among the discipline all the time

of being made to the supplier which is.

The amount collected as DC is should be paid within 10 days after the end of the month in which the

amount has been collected the amount paid shall be considered as the tax paid by the supplier and therefore

the suppliers can claim credit in his electronic Catholic-Jewish last year.

This is the D.C.’s compliances to begin with.

The first one is the furnishing of statement statements includes an electronic statement of the collected

to the outward supply of goods and services this statement needs to be filed within 10 days of the end

of the month.

In this the amount has been collected but the statement has been presented.

Then the matching needs to be done.

This means that the amount collected and furnished by the operator will be matched with the outward

supplies of the supply in case of any mismatches found.

Communications will be sent to both the parties and finally based on the mismatches even the fine efficacious

needs to be done.

If the supplier does not find the discrepancy for the month that is given she had lost a child be added

to the output liablity for the succeeding calendar month automatically.

That is the end never Madian on anyone’s rules and the GST in the next more to discuss about the accounts

and records.

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