E-commerce Operator

As we all know India is moving towards digitalization buying and selling of goods online was never before

so much before e-commerce operators are the players who aren’t giving exposure to multiple small sellers

on national and global platform to sell their products.

So this morning we will understand what is e-commerce what e-commerce operator times and what the compliance

needs to be done by that e-commerce operators Let us begin with understanding the done e-commerce operator

e-commerce operator means any person who also operates on manages digital or electronic facility or

platform for electronic commerce.

Classic examples of electronic operators in today’s world of emotion the baby Flipkart for Shockley’s

as we discussed in the registration Magu live is now recycling the fact that e-commerce operators are

the people who are required to compulsorily obtain the creation under the GST act.

This means that the fish were made to be 20 like often like for Special got to get estate is not applicable

to the e-commerce operators no like as I understand egal much of potatoes in more detail.

All my operators can be broadly divided into two categories.

The first one are the operators who operate to online forms doing the buying and selling takes place

to this platform.

However the suppliers are actually the small suppliers across the nation.

Classic examples of operators like Amazon on Flipkart

and I think it is the operators who operate with your own website.

In this case the buying and selling happens to its own side on the prob out of the person who has its

website put example there in India.

Now let us understand the features of each of these categories operators operating to E-block home.

In this model the supplier the actual supplier and not the platform is a simple person who is liable

in GST on sale of goods or services.

The supplier being obliged to register without the threshold

the e-commerce operator platform on the other hand is required to collect the pieces.

There is a tax collector at shows on the scene proceeds collected on behalf of suppliers and they have

to deposit the seemed to be gone and

e-commerce back from Hollywood will have to pay GST on the charges of black folk and any other charges

that does not understand the website model.

In this case the supplier himself is a facsimile person who is liable to GST on sale of goods done to

his own website.

Supply is required to obtain registration if the turnover existential

operation to his own website is not required to collect DCs that is tax collected at source.

Unlike the e-commerce operators who are running their own platform with days we never want you on ask

collected source in the next morning we will discuss about the rules and the GST.

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