Input Service Distributor

Are you having business units in different states as a manufacturer or so this provided audio invoicing

going from your head office.

If yes then I know what it is to have in place it notice understand the answers to these questions and

there’s more to go.

In terms of its distribution I’m used to you so that company can distribute that input tax credit to

the units of business or within the same state.

No longer is this time how the input services distribute distribute the GST when the input is distributed

and that is been created in the same state.

In this case the respective GST tax is too brutal as it is to the recipient.

For example I would be distributing as ideas to CDC when we distribute it.

I see GST assisting and with distributing as it does to the distribution recipient as T and GST respectively.

For example a company who is based in Kolkata and has units located in cities like my saw they do both

procurement of common services which are used by units to know if the unit received any noise over 10000

to overpays eighteen hundred rupees 900 it is 900 those Immigration Services which is provided exclusively

to the Kolkata unit.

In that case the aggregate of you and your team were redistributed to you as it is now understand.

How would their tax credit redistributed in case the inputs are distributed.

I am the recipient of credit are both located in different states.

In this case the credit of all the taxes that is ideas TCG is to is used to be distributed as ITC to

the recipient of the service.

Niggas understand this with the help of an example.

Somebody 10000 with the GST of eight hundred This company is BT and this is the head office and it has

its units in cities like Bangalore and Chennai.

So it was purely for entertainment services provided exclusively to the channel you.

Then the cricket I’ve seen used to and he has to offer 18:00 900 will be distributed to the.

As I said of his distributors will have to come by setting up the new registration and the goods and

services tax.

In other words it means that the existing inputs of his distributor’s that he stood under the tax will

not be automatically migrating into the region which is what you or e-commerce operators in the next

want to discuss about the issues and the GST.

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