GST Registration process

Why a discussion about a brief introduction on the Goods and Services Tax followed by the features of

goods and services tax in this mode you may well discuss about the registration procedure for education

and other goods and services tax.

Now you’re right we were wondering who are the people.

Live radio station under the GST the answer is simple.

We can divide the categories of people into three days who are liable to GST registration.

The first one will be the regular dealers who are required to go into the station upon crossing the

threshold limit.

The next category would be compulsory registrations required for certain categories of people.

And lastly we that the restrictions of being by people

as we discussed earlier legislation the GST is the graph of your crossing.

So now let us understand what is the threshold and the limit of threshold under GST in northeast India

is the LAX and the rest of India is rupees 20 lakhs which means any dealer or a business.

I knew I don’t know it exceeds 20 lakhs would be liable to be registered under GST.

Similarly a dealer in NE if he stole Exige will be sterilized then he will be liable to get it under

the GST act.

Now let’s move on and discuss what the cases in which a business has to compulsorily get registered

under the GST act first and foremost is a dealer making any interstate taxable supply.

For example a person supplying goods from restaurant or so in this case he would be liable to register

under the GST act

e-commerce operators like Amazon Flipkart soft news VTAM and many more e-commerce operators will have

to get compulsorily registered under the GST act.

Next is those who are making a major was charge basis so AEB was required to make female gender reversal

mechanism would have to get themselves compulsorily registered under the GST act irrespective of the


For example a registered dealer or a person making an action with the register of us next is nonresident

taxable person.

All people are required to get themselves compulsorily registered under the GST and next is tedious

did after the US look.

Who are the people who are liable to get tax issues under the GST act.

Any department or establishment of the single state government or the government agencies such as those

forces as defined by the single most Goman are required to be tedious at the rate of one person.

If the value of supply exceeds 2.5 lakhs this DDNS detectors will also have to be compulsory registration

either aspected on the threshold limit.

Next is it would serve as distributor’s.

What do you mean by input salvages distributor inputs of his distributor’s of the manufacturer and producer

of final product or the provider of our food service who receives the wages to export import services

from the provided in food services and food distribution tax credit by issuing invoices bills or salons

such manufacture produce

such parts of his distributor’s are required to compose any opening the description that the GST is

home detention and like e-commerce operators even aggregators like BBC Goodyear’s or could hear aggregation

agencies like FedEx that are required to get themselves registered under the.

And lastly Egypt supplying goods or services on behalf of the principal would also be required to get

themselves compulsorily registered irrespective of the thresholding me.

As we discussed about

no negative discuss or hoby or deemed registration in case a business operates in different states so

under GST if you are operating in different states of India then you see that discretion is mandatory

for business operations in each state.

For example company has its operations in Dagestan Maharastra Hyderabad and then company even have to

open 50 stations and its used in all these four states.

Apart from having registrations each state in restack company has its presence.

A company can also use it as a station by business.

So for instance company is into manufacture of chips and soft drinks then said Bridges TV stations can

be thing for chips and suffering divisions respectively.

With this background on GST registration because no one could discuss the actual registration process.

So when it comes to registration just is different.

Unlike the current tax regime where different borders or offices needs to be visited of indescretion

as to this.

GST has one border to register your business and that any type of taxes funding and the GST

once a dealer gets registered on the GST network he will get a GST number.

What is the GST number.

It is a Giusti identification number which is a 15 digit unique number for each of the business the

first two digits is in the state code.

The next thing they do is the present the ban on the.

The next is in the presence of entities with the same band.

Next it is a four digit by the system.

And lastly there is a television by the system automatically which makes a unique number for each of

the registered business and the GST.

Now the question comes is what happens when the business is registered under the existing law.

For this move not as good as the GST migration procedure.

So say for example if you under existing registered dealer under the back of service tax law the GST

migration is very simple.

What you need to do is just logging into the common portal for all your city stations.

That is done in WW dodgiest it or you will read it in what you and your username and password for the

device needs to be getting

once you get your username and password on the GST common border.

For indeed it needs to be key.

The days of the business proprietors partner managing director and Carter is an authorized signatory

of principal place of business dealings of any surveys of business depends on goods and services supplied

bank account does whence all these idiots are kidding at the end they get their signature on the authorized

person needs to be uploaded.

My discussed about the Giusti registration process.

Let us now look at what are the documents that needs to be filed along with that and used it as an application

so that the documents that needs to be filed.

Thank God the company proprietor of factness useful group of contribution like partnership deed memorandum

and articles of association.

Certificate of incorporation details and proof of place of business like rent agreement or electricity

bill Gansa JAG office his bank account orthorexia Negre list of Falkner’s directors with the identity

and address

as we disclosed it yesterday to the station process it seems that the process will be quite simple and

Haas’s the embed procedure of registration is through online poker.

Let us know quickly recap the whole process of GST migration with the help of future.

So the first step is that the application needs to be filled in with information they find by number

M.I.T. all the SSN.

Once the application is filled in and ODP that is one password will be received on the register by number

and email id for verification and use of the information

on receiving the OTP number is generated for the company

on receiving the documents.

It goes into the verification process and you will receive the acknowledgement receipt.

As soon as the documents are found satisfactory registration certificate will be issued

what they have Eliquis or sufficient documents in the case are not submitted in that case you need to

upload all the files requested documents and submit it to the online board.

You need to check what additional details are required and submit them within 7 working days.

All the documents needs to be submitted for verification verification is done.

Certificate of registration will be issued this process needs to be done within 7 working days from

the date up that is not accepted

no more.

Even after submitting the additional details the officer finds that it is as unsatisfactory in this

case the application gets rejected and the whole process needs to be followed again with a fresh set

of documents

with this.

We never want you on GST registrations in the next morning.

We may discuss about the GST returns

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