Restaurant Grade Crab Cake Recipe

1 – “Crab” Cakes with Tuna and Cheese

I had leftover canned tuna, and wondered what I could make with it… then I opened my refrigerator and there were some crab sticks! It was a bit of a risky venture, but I made crab cakes by combining the two. The tomato sauce adds a refreshing flavor and improves the flavor.


Tomato sauce Ingredients:

200 grams Canned tomatoes

50 grams Onion (finely chopped)

1 pinch Garlic (minced)

1 Bay leaf

1 Salt and pepper

1 Soup stock cube

2 tbsp Olive oil

Crab Cake Ingredients:

85 grams Canned tuna (drained and flaked)

3 stick Imitation crab sticks (finely shredded)

2 tbsp Onion (finely chopped)

100 ml Panko

1/2 tbsp Milk

1 Egg

1 dash Salt and pepper

25 grams Camembert cheese

1 Plain flour

15 grams Butter

40 ml Vegetable oil

1 Fresh parsley

1 Baby leaf lettuce


Tomato sauce: Sauté the onions and garlic in olive oil. Then add the canned tomato, bay leaf, and consommé and simmer well. Season with salt and pepper.

Crab cakes: Thoroughly knead the canned tuna, crab sticks, onions, panko, milk, eggs, and salt and pepper together.

Tuck 1/2 the listed amount (about about 12 g each) of Camembert cheese in a patty of tuna-crabstick mix. Form into rounds and dust lightly with flour.

Heat butter and vegetable oil in a pan, and pan-fry each patty from Step 3 one at a time until crisp on both sides.

Arrange on a plate and top with some of the tomato sauce that’s been reheated. Sprinkle on parsley, arrange some baby leaf lettuce on the side, and serve.

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